Monday, June 26, 2006 | Find Local, Live Music

I just came across a really good upstart band search website - - which like most other live music search engines lets you search for upcoming Music Bands and Artists. But unlike other live music search engines it lets you create a profile, load up pictures, import your favorite bands from , , or by name, and bookmark shows you want to attend. I like to think of as the social community for avid Music Fans (groupies in a good way).

The Review

gives you the essential tools for building a music fan network. I know its still a new site and growing slowly but I only see mainly indie, rock and alternative bands. Well I guess I can help build its library of bands. Oh yeah did I mention it's built on Rails and you can also syndicate your favorites and icalendar. So far I will recommend it to any music fan who loves listening to new upcoming music.


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gary said...

Thanks for the review! We currently only have bands in our system that are playing shows that are also in the system. As we begin to aggregate shows for more cities you will start to see many more bands... Thanks for adding your profile!