Monday, June 12, 2006


Networks is a small company with a large dose of determination at least that's what I read on the about us page. Pando is free software that lets you send and receive files and folders of any size* with your existing email account.

You can send large files to anyone even if they don't (yet) have Pando. It basically works by replacing the attachment settings, you start by installing the Pando software, then send your email with any attachment along with the promotion of Pando software which is attached automatically to it. Both parties will need the software for it to work, but its cool since it's a small download about 2mb and free. After both parties have the software installed your attachments are set as .pando extensions instead. When the attachment is clicked on to open, the Pando Software kicks in and performs its magic to decompress the package. That's basically it. No more worries about file sizes, just the download times of course.

The Review

The Pando Software is a great utility tool for sending and receiving large files across the internet. This is an excellent alternative to online storage, no more need of uploading and storing simple files larger than regular attachment levels for one time usage. I highly recommend it for users who like the security and privacy of collaborating and sharing large files through email rather than online applications. A little warning though, Pando is still in beta.

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