Tuesday, June 13, 2006


is a company founded by Li Li and Xi Zhang, who are very smart and talented people, also collaborated on , a popular portal for the Chinese community in the Boston area. Bloggerkit is an Amazon affiliate assistant program that produces content-related Amazon products in a reader-friendly way to monetize your blogs.

OK already just tell us how it works, BloggerKit is really simple, no downloads just copy and paste, of course there is a little work involved. You start by inserting your Amazon affiliate ID, adjust your display format, and then Bloggerkit provides a few lines of javascript code to copy and paste into your blog template. Then you end your posts with keywords that will determine which Amazon products to appear where ever you pasted the javascript code. Keywords are inserted using something like the following: "“bk_keywords:blogging, web."” you must end your keywords with a period (.) and only your latest post keywords appear in the code.

The Review

This is a great simple code to help novice Amazon affiliates get off the ground. I personally think the 85% 15% is little much but still fair enough to get away with. I use it so you know I recommend it.

bk_keywords:blogging, web, internet, ajax, javascript.

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