Monday, June 5, 2006


is the free fitness motivation community that works like this: You sign up with a username and password, add your location, create or join a group or team, and start the PEERtrainer experience. PEERtrainer has been featured in many publications from Business Week to The New York Times.

The real experience doesn't come from inside the website it comes from what the website does to your real life. You join PEERtrainer because you either need help becoming fit or because you want to meet people who are just like you. Then you start setting up meetings, events, fitness routines, and social gatherings from the group. You start to see your body transform and you tell your group about it online. Through out the whole experience PEERtrainer gives you a location to keep a personal fitness log.

The Review

PEERtrainer is an excellent website for anyone who struggles with keeping motivated about staying fit. I love the look of site, the personal journal style log, and the whole social aspect is just phenomenal. Over at the Lounge you can catch up on the community, featured members, and tips about how to PEERtrain. Overall this site rocks!

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