Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just came across this site while traveling through the web and it seems like a very new upstart with only about 3 members. According to the About page:

Soundchronicle was created as an outlet to expose and feature the very best in music; mainly in the rock genre and it’s sub categories.

We believe in a strong personal connection with music. In our lives, music creates a constant connection with our feelings, and we wanted to convey those feelings into text.

Introducing Soundchronicle. From the same creator of Devlounge, Astereostudio proudly presents an alternative resource for reviews, previews, interviews, breaking and entering artists, and so much more.

Each week, we’ll feature the best album reviews we’ve discovered throughout the net. Plus, Soundchronicle allows artists to submit their links, we feature them, they get a larger fan base, and so on.

The Review

While I was clicking around the site and I didn't notice any graphics for bands or profiles. I see the join graphic but its not a button. So either it's still in development out on the open web or its been abandon. Either way the site is designed nicely and the concept is sound. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with this site.

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the creation of Mr. Tom Mascord is a social media catalog of movies, books, music and games. Listal gives you a subdomain ( to maintain your list of dvds, books, music, games, and movies so you can keep it all in one stylish location. Not only that but Listal is also a community where you can post reviews, show off your catalog, create a group, and make friends.

The Review

Simple, clean and most of all easy to use. They also have a where you can find updates on new features. This is a great site for anyone who wants to catalog the media they have around the house and make some new friends from it.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MS Office 2007 beta

2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2: Get the Beta

Anyone up for test driving Microsoft Office 2007 beta.


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Monday, June 26, 2006 | Find Local, Live Music

I just came across a really good upstart band search website - - which like most other live music search engines lets you search for upcoming Music Bands and Artists. But unlike other live music search engines it lets you create a profile, load up pictures, import your favorite bands from , , or by name, and bookmark shows you want to attend. I like to think of as the social community for avid Music Fans (groupies in a good way).

The Review

gives you the essential tools for building a music fan network. I know its still a new site and growing slowly but I only see mainly indie, rock and alternative bands. Well I guess I can help build its library of bands. Oh yeah did I mention it's built on Rails and you can also syndicate your favorites and icalendar. So far I will recommend it to any music fan who loves listening to new upcoming music.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006


is a new and innovative way for people to easily trade the books, CDs, DVDs and video games they are finished with, for the ones they want, all for free.
Finally an online Yard Sale (sort of) where anyone can trade their used items in exchange for someone else's item. Kind of awkward to exchange your used items with strangers oh wait that's eBay is it not. With Swaptree instead of using money to pay for items you exchange your used items. Techcrunch has a great article about Swaptree where Michael Arrington recants his previous position on the demand curve that Swaptree could create.

The Review

Well I could be wrong but my guess will be Swaptree's plan of using advertisement for its main revenue stream will only last a few months before users start complaining about the other users not shipping the trades. Swaptree will have to implement a feedback system similar to eBay to control user satisfaction or become the middle-man to show some sort of trade control. Again I could be wrong. Its in private beta so who knows.


the next of video, ok maybe a little to much there. I heard about Eyespot from episode 26 of Inside the Net with and . Eyespot is a free online Video Community much like and . What differentiates Eyespot is that it allows editing of your videos online much like and the ability to send those videos to mobile phones. Which is pretty neat to see that innovators are thinking about how to make video sharing and editing easier for users without video software. The simple video mixing and sharing site is really easy to use with its drag and drop interface. You can upload movies, video stills, photos, and audio tracks then create and edit your video online from one place. Check out the sample video from my Eyespot gallery.

The Review

You should tell me with this one.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Wow is all I have to say about . Finally someone hits all the marks about basic online communication. If you don't already have a favorite blog platform then I suggest you try Blogr out.

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MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone
Bookmark anything with MarkaBoo

MarkaBoo makes it easy to organize your data and share it with others. Bookmark websites, files and notes side-by-side from your browser, email, or mobile phone.

Bookmark this site now! It's a freakn neat service. Wo, wo, wo chill out Cesar what's the big deal with this service. Alright let me catch my breath, ok, first the application is built on ,a sleek flexible open-source web framework, which makes the interaction with the interface quicker and easier, sort-of. Of course you get the usual when you sign up with social tools like the Bookmarklet feature with the Title, description, and tag. The neat trick about this service site is you can upload your bookmarks from your browser favorites with an export file and you can create our own little blog notes/press release notes for the bookmarks you add plus you can also add files to the server. So what's so freakn neat about this?

Ok lets say your not at your main computer and you want to blog or report about a certain webpage and you can't get to your word processor. You can bookmark the page to Markaboo add some notes about the webpage then upload the podcast or image from the site and whoola you have a great beginning to your post. Then when you get back to your main computer and word processor you won't have to remember all the details about the webpage you bookmarked because you have already created your basic post on Markaboo.

The Review

There other cool little things you can do with this service as well that I haven't seen yet such as: Adding creating bookmarks from email and creating bookmarks from your mobile phone with MMS. Updated: The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. The only problem I have experienced so far is that sometime I get errors when clicking around and some pages are sluggish to load. If you need an example look Check out my MarkaBoo Bookmarks.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


FAQQLY - Just the FAQs

Founded by Dave Liu, a kindred spirit, when he realized his social life was being lost to a bunch of different blogging and social-networking websites.

Blah Blah Blah, here we go FAQQLY started me off communicating with the Question of the Week:

You are stranded on a desert island when you unearth a laptop with just enough batteries and (strangely enough) wireless Internet access to hold a 5-second video chat. Who would you call? (You may not call your mom.)

Once I posted my answer I naturally clicked to see what everybody else said. Then bamm! your hooked into Asking Questions. You see thats how the site works, you basically go around the site either asking questions or answering questions. I have to say it stimulates the brain and gets really playful after a while.

The Review

I have to say the site is unique in terms of social networking. Reading the answers people write to questions is just down right hilarious sometimes. I got a kick out of trying it. The thing that bothers me the most are the ads that get in the way of my reading flow. But hey, something has to pay for the efforts right. I recommend it for people who just can't stop asking questions.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


is a company founded by Li Li and Xi Zhang, who are very smart and talented people, also collaborated on , a popular portal for the Chinese community in the Boston area. Bloggerkit is an Amazon affiliate assistant program that produces content-related Amazon products in a reader-friendly way to monetize your blogs.

OK already just tell us how it works, BloggerKit is really simple, no downloads just copy and paste, of course there is a little work involved. You start by inserting your Amazon affiliate ID, adjust your display format, and then Bloggerkit provides a few lines of javascript code to copy and paste into your blog template. Then you end your posts with keywords that will determine which Amazon products to appear where ever you pasted the javascript code. Keywords are inserted using something like the following: "“bk_keywords:blogging, web."” you must end your keywords with a period (.) and only your latest post keywords appear in the code.

The Review

This is a great simple code to help novice Amazon affiliates get off the ground. I personally think the 85% 15% is little much but still fair enough to get away with. I use it so you know I recommend it.

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Monday, June 12, 2006


Networks is a small company with a large dose of determination at least that's what I read on the about us page. Pando is free software that lets you send and receive files and folders of any size* with your existing email account.

You can send large files to anyone even if they don't (yet) have Pando. It basically works by replacing the attachment settings, you start by installing the Pando software, then send your email with any attachment along with the promotion of Pando software which is attached automatically to it. Both parties will need the software for it to work, but its cool since it's a small download about 2mb and free. After both parties have the software installed your attachments are set as .pando extensions instead. When the attachment is clicked on to open, the Pando Software kicks in and performs its magic to decompress the package. That's basically it. No more worries about file sizes, just the download times of course.

The Review

The Pando Software is a great utility tool for sending and receiving large files across the internet. This is an excellent alternative to online storage, no more need of uploading and storing simple files larger than regular attachment levels for one time usage. I highly recommend it for users who like the security and privacy of collaborating and sharing large files through email rather than online applications. A little warning though, Pando is still in beta.

Friday, June 9, 2006


the site with a funny name is the product of Duc Chau who is also the Founder/CEO [ visit profile ] ::
is a fast growing interactive community for sharing and managing digital media by artists, photographers, designers, musicians, writers, directors, producers, and technologists. Flukiest provides a platform for members to share their work and ideas by enabling mobile and web technologies to seamlessly integrate. The Flukiest community combines the best features of an online social network with services such as photo and video sharing, blogging, music listening and reviews, artist interviews, clothing design and print.
:: Before you say this sounds like another Myspace community let me tell you that Duc Chau led, developed, and launched the initial Myspace community. The difference here is that the focus is on sharing digit media and not competing in a mass popularity contest.

The Review

The site is well built considering its a table based design but my problem is the navigation scheme and clutter of content. The font and media is a little smaller than I am use to. Once you get use to the small font and images the overall experience is a good social network for its core audience.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


a Flickr photo presentation tool. Just wanted to give a quick little plug.

Monday, June 5, 2006


is the free fitness motivation community that works like this: You sign up with a username and password, add your location, create or join a group or team, and start the PEERtrainer experience. PEERtrainer has been featured in many publications from Business Week to The New York Times.

The real experience doesn't come from inside the website it comes from what the website does to your real life. You join PEERtrainer because you either need help becoming fit or because you want to meet people who are just like you. Then you start setting up meetings, events, fitness routines, and social gatherings from the group. You start to see your body transform and you tell your group about it online. Through out the whole experience PEERtrainer gives you a location to keep a personal fitness log.

The Review

PEERtrainer is an excellent website for anyone who struggles with keeping motivated about staying fit. I love the look of site, the personal journal style log, and the whole social aspect is just phenomenal. Over at the Lounge you can catch up on the community, featured members, and tips about how to PEERtrain. Overall this site rocks!

Saturday, June 3, 2006


- Just watched the TV ad for it and jumped on the chance. It's the newest way choose and watch movies online. No more ordering movies and then waiting for delivery like or BlockBuster. Its quick easy and very social.

The Review

Finally someone offers legal direct download for movies. No more bootlegs, no more waiting, no more wondering if the movie will be at the store. Get ready for the direct movie downloads because its coming hard. You have to try it.

Friday, June 2, 2006


is the little browser that goes on any web page it's like Picture-in-Picture for the Web.

This is Bitty at work - Try it Out -

The Review

The application speaks for itself

Thursday, June 1, 2006


a company privately-held and based in Emeryville, California produces professional digital videos for travelers who want more than pretty pictures. The site offers Internet users to watch professional videos of any desired destination indexed in there server. Business professionals can request to have a video made to attract new customers.

The Review

Besides being a really cool idea to let travelers watch a free video of destinations it also show you what activities are happening there too. The site looks clean, the videos are shown on a flash player, the navigation is simple, and the graphics are sweet. I highly recommend travelers to use this site before making a decision on a trip.