Thursday, June 15, 2006


FAQQLY - Just the FAQs

Founded by Dave Liu, a kindred spirit, when he realized his social life was being lost to a bunch of different blogging and social-networking websites.

Blah Blah Blah, here we go FAQQLY started me off communicating with the Question of the Week:

You are stranded on a desert island when you unearth a laptop with just enough batteries and (strangely enough) wireless Internet access to hold a 5-second video chat. Who would you call? (You may not call your mom.)

Once I posted my answer I naturally clicked to see what everybody else said. Then bamm! your hooked into Asking Questions. You see thats how the site works, you basically go around the site either asking questions or answering questions. I have to say it stimulates the brain and gets really playful after a while.

The Review

I have to say the site is unique in terms of social networking. Reading the answers people write to questions is just down right hilarious sometimes. I got a kick out of trying it. The thing that bothers me the most are the ads that get in the way of my reading flow. But hey, something has to pay for the efforts right. I recommend it for people who just can't stop asking questions.

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Dave said...

Thanks for the review! (This is Dave, btw, you know... "your first friend on FAQQLY").