Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just came across this site while traveling through the web and it seems like a very new upstart with only about 3 members. According to the About page:

Soundchronicle was created as an outlet to expose and feature the very best in music; mainly in the rock genre and it’s sub categories.

We believe in a strong personal connection with music. In our lives, music creates a constant connection with our feelings, and we wanted to convey those feelings into text.

Introducing Soundchronicle. From the same creator of Devlounge, Astereostudio proudly presents an alternative resource for reviews, previews, interviews, breaking and entering artists, and so much more.

Each week, we’ll feature the best album reviews we’ve discovered throughout the net. Plus, Soundchronicle allows artists to submit their links, we feature them, they get a larger fan base, and so on.

The Review

While I was clicking around the site and I didn't notice any graphics for bands or profiles. I see the join graphic but its not a button. So either it's still in development out on the open web or its been abandon. Either way the site is designed nicely and the concept is sound. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with this site.

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AJ said...

It ahsn't been abandoned, I haven't got around to really turning up the promotion for it and stuff yet because I've been busy redesigning another project & doing client work. It will get bigger soon