Tuesday, June 20, 2006


MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone
Bookmark anything with MarkaBoo

MarkaBoo makes it easy to organize your data and share it with others. Bookmark websites, files and notes side-by-side from your browser, email, or mobile phone.

Bookmark this site now! It's a freakn neat service. Wo, wo, wo chill out Cesar what's the big deal with this service. Alright let me catch my breath, ok, first the application is built on ,a sleek flexible open-source web framework, which makes the interaction with the interface quicker and easier, sort-of. Of course you get the usual when you sign up with social tools like the Bookmarklet feature with the Title, description, and tag. The neat trick about this service site is you can upload your bookmarks from your browser favorites with an export file and you can create our own little blog notes/press release notes for the bookmarks you add plus you can also add files to the server. So what's so freakn neat about this?

Ok lets say your not at your main computer and you want to blog or report about a certain webpage and you can't get to your word processor. You can bookmark the page to Markaboo add some notes about the webpage then upload the podcast or image from the site and whoola you have a great beginning to your post. Then when you get back to your main computer and word processor you won't have to remember all the details about the webpage you bookmarked because you have already created your basic post on Markaboo.

The Review

There other cool little things you can do with this service as well that I haven't seen yet such as: Adding creating bookmarks from email and creating bookmarks from your mobile phone with MMS. Updated: The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. The only problem I have experienced so far is that sometime I get errors when clicking around and some pages are sluggish to load. If you need an example look Check out my MarkaBoo Bookmarks.

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diego said...

Hi Cesar,
My name is Diego, I am working on a few features for Markaboo.
Thanks for your kind words.
We have been experiencing some growing pains as we are optimizing the queries and databases in order to accomodate the growing community coming to markaboo.
We already resolved few issues and while certain parts of the site are order of magnitude faster others are far from it.
Come back every once in a while to check as everything should be fixed within the next couple of days.
Next week is going to be when the new features are going to start rolling in.
Thanks for your post, it actually gave me quite few ideas for future development (as we don't have enough features in the pipeline :-).

Thanks again

rickdog said...

Markaboo is pretty good, I like the ability to upload files as bookmarks.

I really love TagTooga though, it's features and interface blows me away. If you like ajaxy interfaces, this is the one, you never leave the page. It's richness means a bit of a learning curve, this one is definitly for geeks, maybe not for the average joe. It's kind of a wiki, everyone shares and manages bookmarks, and it's kind of like an open directory too. It's well worth checking out. Look at Smarking too, it's also collabotative.