Monday, April 24, 2006


Is all feedback ethical?

eBay who uses their Feedback Forum to educate its users about trading partners by letting them view their reputations and express opinions about other users. This is eBay's bread and butter due to the fact that it's an Auction Site where consumers are bartering with strangers over a faceless world. By letting its users research their trading partners it makes them feel safer to do business with strangers. The thing is eBays feedback system is closed off to the public. The only thing that affects a user's feedback score is their eBay transactions. This limits users who like to shop online using other services. The demand for third party services to incorporate a feedback system like eBays are expanding. But I don't think eBay will allow its bread and butter to used by others.

According to the buzz around the web 2.0 space there is a little website in beta called Rapleaf. RapLeaf allows its users to post feedback about anyone for anyone by using a unique email address or phone number. In theory lets say I'm a seller of shoes with an indentifier name of LuckySquareFeet users post feedback information about me then other users search for my indentifier to see what others are saying about my shoes or shipping or whatever users are posting. Rating scores are based on positive and negative reviews. My concern is unlike eBay, who can control who is leaving the posts by transactions, Rapleaf is an open system where anyone can leave feedback albeit positive or negative about anyone else. With Rapleaf's fraud prevention and detection plan in place to reduce the situations by feedback challenges and other trade secret methods I believe this system will turn the guerilla marketing feedback system into an ethical feedback.

Rapleaf Launches to the public May 07, 2006.

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