Sunday, April 30, 2006

Big in Japan

Where are you Big At?

Big In Japan is developed using Ruby on Rails which was released by 37signals as open source. Ruby on Rails is a web framework with clean simple design for programmers to optimize sustainable productivity. Big in Japan has come up with simple focus oriented "prosumer blogging tools" for bloggers who need help. The web 2.0 toolbox consists of:

  • PodServe
  • A great and easy way to create and host your own podcast then list it on Odeo and iTunes.

  • FrankenFeed
  • Much like FeedBlendr you can create one master feed out of all your favorite feeds. For example lets say you want your audience (visitors) to subcribe to each of your members feeds but instead of giving them separate feeds to subscribe to mesh them all up into one monster feed.

  • elfURL
  • They make giant URLs shorter. They also provide free stats and tags to go with them. Anyone who is familiar with tinyurl will know how this works. It take a url that may look like
    and turn it into something like http://www.elfurl/map/1. Give it a try.

    Enter giant URL:

  • InstantFeed
  • InstantFeed is a neat little tool that allows you to receive any web feed (RSS or Atom) via all major IM carriers including MSN Messenger, Jabber, AIM and ICQ. You can add the InstantFeed Button to your bookmark toolbar and let InstantFeed auto-discover feeds on any page or login and add the feeds you want to monitor manually.

  • QwikPing
  • Add your blog(s) to Qwik Ping and whenever you update them just click on the Qwik Ping button and Big in Japan will notify the services you selected. If you prefer you can use their api to insert into your blogging software.

  • FeedVault
  • (Launch Pending) According to the site you can Save and/or share your OPML files. You can keep them safe with Feedvault.

  • MailFeed
  • (Launch Pending) Some people are so about the email. Maybe they don't know RSS from Atom. Keep them up to date via MailFeed.

  • SocialMail
  • (Launch Pending) Email messages via RSS. Forward your email into feeds. Create a group discussion list via RSS.

  • StatsTool
  • (Launch Pending) Roll all your key stats into one central location. Feedburner, Google Adwords, Overture, Amazon Associates, Blogging Tools, in addition to all your Big In Japan stats.

The Review

There are other similiar tools on the Internet but no one matches the Big in Japan toolset. They have integrated the most useful and productive set of tools a blogger is most likely to use. Overall the tools are simple, quick, and productive to use. With the easy instructions included you can't go wrong. The team at Big in Japan really has the Prosumer Bloggers in mind when they developed these tools. With the launch pending on a couple of the tools I can't see why any pro blogger would pass these up. Oh did I forget to mention they're free to use.

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