Thursday, April 27, 2006


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The Internet is littered with social communities and social tools such as and Mobber that it's pretty hard on decided which ones are the good ones and which are the sour grapes. Here enters Yoono a windows application and firefox extension that allows you to search, manage, share, and be informed about the websites you visit.

Let us first start with the small 104kb Mozilla's Firefox Extension that places a small toolbar in your browser and allows you to view and subscribe to feeds the webpage may have, gives you suggestions to other webpages found in its community server, and a surprise me button that will transport you to a relevant website. This extension also synchronizes your bookmarks with the Yoono servers. Now if your like me, the first thing that went through your head was "Oh Shit! Everyone is going to see my private porn selection" nah just kidding, you may have privacy issues, well let me put you at ease and say that by default your favorites are saved to the server and are only visible by you. When you're ready to share them you will need the windows application.

Now the real power of Yoono is the win app. To be part of this Social Search Engine anonymously you will need a nickname or you can be like me and tell people your nickname is chcastro in case you need to find an expert, but, we will get to that later. Once you launch the program and you setup your nickname, configure your browser, and synchronization - import your favorites from the server, export your favorites to the server, or merge your favorites together (update favorites). Then the interface, which looks like its based off msn Messenger, pops up with four tabs, My Favorites, Suggestions, My News, My Community, and its own Internet browser. From the My Favorites tab you can select which bookmarks you would like to publish and which you would like to keep private. The Suggestions tabs is a search engine module that lets you search the published bookmarks from the Yoono server, ranked by the number of time the website has been bookmarked. My News tab is an news module equipped with feed reader and press release editor, to keep you informed on your favorite sites. My Community tab lets you view your subcriptions and your published favorites. In there you can Find an Expert either by nickname or by relevant website.

The companion Yoono Weblog keeps you up to date with the development of the application and extension.

The Review

The interface is simple, easy to use and eerily familiar. The options are easy to read and find (3 clicks at the most). The sharing service is secure and quick to use. The online side of my Yoono gives you limited options to interact with only a profile page and a bookmarks section to share. With a blog section in the works and the fact that its free I recommend it highly.

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