Monday, July 10, 2006


is a place to socialize about your favorite teams and sports. About a week ago I received a mysterious email invitation by Brian Balfour and Mike Schiller, the Founders of, to participate in Fanlete (Fan + athLete) in private beta. It got me curious and being the addictive search junkie that I am I checked it out. I have to say The social network is a great idea that feeds into the fans obsession of sports. I won't be surprised if Fanlete replaces the current Fantasy Leagues that are out there now. Here is a widget from my profile on Fanlete that lets you show off your sports prowess. I have to warn you though I know nothing about baseball, expect that you stand in front of a pitcher who throws a hard ball about the size of a fist at speeds that reach 100+ mph and all you have is a bat that's what 3 inches thick to protect yourself from it.

The Review

Its simple, sweet and fun to do. I can see why people get wrapped up in sports. There are only a few sport leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Col Football, Col Basketball) to select from right now, I have suggested they add Golf, Nascar, and Boxing. The site design is really, really simple but gets the job done nicely. Once this site is public I highly recommend this site to any Sports Fan.

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Brian Balfour said...

Thanks for checking out the site! We are glad that you like it! We have some great stuff in the works and the site should only get more interesting as we open it up to more people and football rolls around. I share your baseball-only pain :).

Thanks again.

-Brian Balfour
Founder of