Thursday, July 6, 2006


If you have ever heard of or then eefoof will not be that hard to describe. Eefoof was started by Kevin Flynn, Matt Farley, and Alex Annese this year and is still in Beta. The concept is why are authors of Internet content who publish on sites like YouTube and Flickr not getting paid for the time and effort they put into building that community site. Eefoof basically works much the same as the aforementioned sites, you upload your content and publish it to your profile or anonymously. Unlike the other sites eefoof will share its revenue with its members. I know what your going to ask "How much revenue?" right. Well they break it down on the landing page of but let me spare you the time of clicking. Lets say you publish your original HotGirlonBike.swf a Flash file to your profile and during the month Eefoof receives 10,000 visitors to its Flash directory. Out of those 10,000 visits HotGirlonBike.swf is clicked 100 times and Eefoof makes $1000 off the Ads in the Flash directory. Your HotGirlonBike.swf earns a percentage of those revenues depending on your clicks which in this case you earned $10 then eefoof charges an expense fee (which I have yet to find out if its $5 or half of your revenue).

The Review

The name is horrible but oddly enough its memorable. The site is plain but functional and the uploads are easy to do. To get paid your account will need to exceed $25 before they PayPal your funds to you. It maybe just me but I think the real concept of this site was to get bought by someone or to pressure the other services to pick up the idea of giving back to the members. Either way Kevin, Matt, and Alex created a great idea. I highly recommend it those who would like a little something back for helping build the next big thing.

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