Friday, May 5, 2006


Gluing your web content together

SuprGlu brought to you by Iridesco, Inc., a small design and technology studio, has created a wonderful social web application that lets you bring the pieces of your web content together into one central place for you, your friends, and maybe even your friends to-be. Ok enough with the PR crap.
The main purpose of SuprGlu is to collect all your other social web applications such as, flickr, blogs (Blogger, Typepad...), feeds, and so on into one clean presentable website to share. So lets say you use all these services and your tired of sending separate links to each one of them to people you share with. Why not collect all your content and give them one link to one place so they can view all of it at once. You don't even have to maintain it. Like other blog sites SuprGlu offers clean presentable templates but what makes SuprGlu really stand out is its ability to easily edit the stylesheet, html code, and the ability to add your content by either a feed link or by a simple URL ( of the main source of content. By doing this you can create a one off website that will update itself as you change the main source. Let me break it down a little further, instead of having to login to SuprGlu to add each item (photos, audio, bookmarks, blog posts, so on) you only need to continue using your original program and SuprGlu will update itself. This gives you a great website for your friends and family to view all at once instead of bouncing around the web to view each one separately.

The Review

Besides donations or being bought by its competition I don't see how this web application will stay afloat or make any real money. I mean all its really doing is displaying the information from its main source at a new address, I must be missing something.

Other than that the service is a great idea and useful as hell, but the page loading maybe a potential problem depending on how much media is being presented. The source code is a little messy but still search engine friendly. If you're a designer/css hacker, you can grab the CSS package and create a stylesheet of your own. You can easily paste in your stylesheet later in the Settings:Edit stylesheet screen. The SuprGlu's blog contains great information on how you can use its service to better your online presence.

Overall I highly recommend this for any Web Socialite out there. You can visit my SuprGlu site (working progress) to see how it works.

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