Thursday, May 25, 2006


a San Francisco based collaborative shopping community. Sytlehive is a neat social bookmarking application that not only gives you the basic bookmarklet, title and description options but also gives you tag suggestions, photo insert, and url implementation. Right off the bat the website represent exactly what it is and how to use it without overloading the text.

The Review

The mesh of shopping community and bookmark sharing makes sense, not having to load all your product information into a spreadsheet then upload the file to a shopping website and then adjust any discrepancies, is such a time saver. The site looks great, has big buttons and best of all it helps you tag your items and add urls. Now I just started this community so excuse the lack of items but here is a little taste of how it looks My Stylehive. Great idea and great site for those who like to shop online and share shopping sites.

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