Tuesday, May 2, 2006


A Bloggers Search Engine

A bloggers dream is to be able to find quality and relevant content to blog about. Here enters a newly launched . Sphere is a three part engine you enter your keyword click search and your serp (search engine result page) comes up. On the right side of the page you find three buttons - Blog Search Results, Featured Blogs beta, and Related Media.

Blog Search Results "relevance" are based on three key factors: links in/out of blog; meta data around the blog so its the blog post you search and not the website its on. Within the result page you can search by a time space using a measure slider much like Measure Map slider. The other neat thing about the results is a profile link where you can check various information such as average number of posts, the average number of words a post has on the blog site.

Featured Blogs beta is to showcase the most relevant blogsites with the term you have searched for. The difference here is the posts are not displayed but the blogsite itself with the number of posts relevant to your term. On the left side of the result you will find a plus sign and when you click it will display the basic bios of the blog posts. The profile link here will show you a full page bio of the blogsite.

Related Media is a great place to find solid materials such as books, photos, news, and podcasts related to the term.

In all the area you are given a suggest link where you can submit a blogsite that relates to the term. Of course Sphere will check it before actually including it.

The Review

Overall the site looks great, clear directions, and big font. Afterall it was designed by . With the added value of a downloadable widget you can't go wrong here. Since it just launched I haven't had enough time to test and review it to recommend. I can say I will be personally using it very much.

Over at , who I am pretty sure was the first person to announce the first review of Sphere, has a great interview with two the founders of Sphere.

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