Wednesday, May 31, 2006


a photo sharing alternative includes synchronization with PC, mobile phone and the web. To bad it's Windows-only and in Alpha. Better get in now for free before they start charging to use. Sharpcast offers a desktop download for faster editing, uploading, and sychronization but
... It still has bugs, and it may occasionally crash or act weird. It will also blow you away with its niftiness and potential, and we canĂ‚’t imagine going back to a world without it. ...

The Review

The interface is exactly like the new but the added capabilities of sychronization is going to be a real treat. Much like the Companion I previously posted about, the benefit of sync is a time saver. Due to the bugs and wierd shutdowns I can not fully recommend it but if you're up for testing then give it a try.

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Gibu Thomas said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the kind comments. I would definitely encourage you to try the Shaprcast Photos product. We have been getting really positive feedback from people who are using it. Using real-time sync as an alternative for web uploading of photos and as platform for sharing, back up is an industry first and is very experiential. A lot of people tell me it is like the transition from a VCR to a Tivo.

As consumers, we are not used to client applications staying in sync across PCs or changes made on the web automatically appearing on our PC or working offline and having all the changes picked up seamlessly and pushed everywhere the next time you are connected.

If you share photos with someone who has the Sharpcast application on their PC, not having to go to the web to view shared pics is a great experience that gives you the convenience of an RSS reader on steroids.

There are still features to build (like printing) and UI to refine in the product, but we put it out there to get as much of your feedback early on, which will in turn help us deliver on the vision of this new user experience.

Also, we plan to have a free version always available. For economic reasons, we would have to limit the storage limit and the like, but the goal is to make the free version plenty useful.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us!


Gibu Thomas,
CEO, Sharpcast