Wednesday, May 24, 2006


the product of Clarence Wooten - Founder & CEO was born out of frustration from having several memberships to professional communities and receiving an abundance of meeting and event notices. Not being able to manage them all and then not being able to integrate those notices with other software programs.

Without using fancy words CollectiveX is a Professional Organizer that allows you to build a profile and create groups. At its core CollectiveX is professional way to network with a social community. Once you create your profile add in your credentials, drop a few referral names, and provide some contact information your off to build a group. Building groups is where CollectiveX really makes its mark, within the group you can startup discussion forums, display calendar events, and upload files. Over at the CollectiveX Blog you can catch updated information about its progress.

The Review

CollectiveX is an easy to use organizer that provides simple ways to build big business. The interface is luscious and customizable giving it a more professional look. Even though its in public beta with a few bugs and the pricing a little high compared to similiar services I still give CollectiveX two thumbs up. This system does provide a free service but gives greater benefits with its paid versions.

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